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Needed tires because were we were going on vacation that day. The had the tires in stock which are sometimes not readily available.

The car was running fine with no problems, just needed tires. They said that the car was out of alignment so I said ok to do the alignment. They told me the rear shocks were leaking. I had just had service with a dealership and they hadn't said they were leaking.

On the trip to up state New York the car seemed like it was shimmying and that the steering wheel also wasn't straight. It was at a 30 degree angle when riding straight. Came back to them in August. They said that they would realign and rebalance the tires.

After the 2nd alignment the steering wheel was almost straight, but the car was still shimmying. Again (3rd time) back to them and it was taken for a test drive. That person ( Nick) said feel he didn't feel anything on the ride but 2 of my family did when the drove the car. Nick said he would check the alignment and the balance on redo it again.

I was told when they were done that one tire was out of balance. Then they also said the my rear shocks now were completely out of fluid and the front ones were leaking. After this service the car still did not feel right. I decided to take the car today to my dealership and they told me that the car was out of alignment, wheels not balanced and also all of my lug nuts were stripped.

They also said the shocks were not leaking. I had to pay another $89 to have the car aligned and now $160 to cut off and replace the 20 lug nuts that they stripped. How dare the rip off customers! They call themselves a tire store.

They are totally clueless and also crooks.

My car drives the way it should and only because my dealership is cares about their customers. I expect to be reimbursed for the alignment and lugs nuts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mavis Discount Tire Car Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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They are crooks!!


Seriously!, Lugs stripped, all of them you said. Stripped is the loss of thread allowing a lug to stay on.

SO if this were the case, Your tires, ALL OF THEM would have fallen off the car. Being that each of you lugs are hand torqued to proper specs, I'd pretty much say the only place that ripped you off was YOUR DEALER.


This was at Dover,New Jersey Mavis

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