To make it simple it took Mavis four tries to replace my brakes on my Honda. They damaged my rotors and had to fix them which cost 300 bucks.

I filed a complaint and got a call from a rep from the near by Mavis and told he will investigate and never called me back. I decided to contact corporate offices and a person whom stated that they were the district manger called via a private number. Male Hispanic by voice who seemed to trying to brush me off. I told him I couldn't hear him and iam at work.

Please call me back tomorrow. His response you know aim trying to help u. I said ok but I can't hear u. I decided to go further and file a complaint bbb.

Almost a month no answer. In total I spent between gas and leaving early from work and repairing the defected brakes my self over 700.00 what gives. Cheap is u pay for what u get.

Never go to Mavis they put 10.00 brake pads.and do a low quality job. I mean they can get in an accident and evern killed.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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I just went there for inspection and was told my brakes were shot and they would not give me a sticker. I had a bad feeling so I went somewhere else and my brakes are fine :(


all I can say they are the worst of the worst, do not go to mavis lindinhurst,they lie cheat and bad workmanship,pay a little more and go to your mechanic its well worth.


dishonest butchers , I to take my van back twice for the faulty workmanship , finally just gave up and went some place else to fix their mess, do not go to mavis Lindenhurst ,cant balance tires cant do proper wheel alignments.

Bronx, New York, United States #696802

These people are a joke. I would never ever go there again.

New York, New York, United States #696781

Mavis of Lindenhurst NY I ask them to take my best old tire and mount on my spare, when I get home something told me to check, it was the worst tire with the steel belts showing, I call mavis and the guy told me my old tires were gone, I went there the next day the guy was off and the other guy says yes your old tires are in the back I save them because Michelins 225/75/16 are a rare tire, that tells me they did that on purpose because they sell the old tires and cant sell one with the steel belts showing, DISHONEST They left me in a unsafe condition .

during the work they went though everything looking to find something wrong pulled off my rear drums now my abs light is on,

I will never go back to mavis again dishonest and butcher mechanics,they talked me into a wheel alignment and had to go back twice and it was better before they touched it. I will never go back


Hey I too had similar experience. Went to change the tires, they told me I needed rear brake pads and rotors changed. I followed the advice but rear left caliper stuck after they did work on the car. In a course of 2 weeks I went back and forth 4 times to have them adjust the caliper, they finally told me I needed new caliper (!!). My car was fine before and only 40K Volvo. Ithaca Dealer laughed when I asked about the caliper and offered to look at the car.

Finally they only did some adjustment and grease and all went back to normal. Worse, they told me Mavis used the cheap aftermarket pads and rotors which apparently did not fit perfectly so they had to sand the pads to make them work.

Worst experience I ever had. Mavis sucks!

Bronx, New York, United States #626303

they are the worst of the worst. if I can give them 0 stars I would.

these people caused so much damage to my car. I saw my life flash rite before my eyes because their incompetent technicians. lets say I got brakes changed and they were still squeaking. I went back and was told I needed to purchase brake rotors in which I did.

then the squeaking stopped and now my car was wobbling especially when I went over bumps. finally after we went back they rotated the tires to fix the problem. when I got in the highway the caliber broke off while I was driving about 65-70 mph with my 10 month old daughter and my bf which the car dropped and dragged in the highway. it broke the rim, the wheel, antifreeze was leaking my fender was twisted.

I have a 2009 chevy malubi which is brand new. it was ***. its the worst experience I ever had. I would never go there again.



Mavis Discount Tire

Mavis Discount Tire is committed to delivering the best possible customer service and we apologize for the unsatisfactory experience.  Please allow us the opportunity to help resolve this matter to your satisfaction.  Please email Customer Relations at maviscustomercare@mavistire.com or call Alexa at 914-984-2500 ext 5000.  We look forward to hearing from you.



Mavis Discount Tire Brand Ambassador

to Mavis Discount Tire #1445929

Went to change my front brake pads at Mavis at South Ozone Park, NY on my ML350 just because they were squeking really bad and perhaps very low. Waited 4 hours, and was told I also needed the brake sensor, no problem, just get it done.

Drove my chariot out and saw the "Check for Brake Pad Wear" light on. Called Mavis locationa nd they said eventually it would come off when the sensors picked it up. I drove it like this for a month and still this light remained on! Took it to Rallye Mercedes Benz Dealer to get checked out (should of went there in the first place for brake pad change but hey it was a emergency), anyways, right away they pointed out whomever changed the brakes damaged your L/F caliper slide bolt, loose/stripped out and it needs to be replaced or the entire fixture can detach and cause a major accident.

Furthermore, the brake pads they changed are less than 45 days old, and already down to .03mm on that same side! THe cost of repair was $985.50!!! Their mechanic really screwed my repair up! I called the shop right away and informed them of this problem and they said to bring it in and they will help.

What does that mean? I called the Mavis Corporate Customer Service number, and they opened a ticket and assigned it to a regional manager, Ronaldo.

I really hope I don't get the run around because I will take legal action for negligence against them!. I have held off on the repair at the dealer and hoping Mavis would keep their reputation intact by fixing this problem at their cost and send that mechanic for rehab or training!

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