In October 2012 I went to the Mavis Tire on 885 Old Country Rd., Westbury NY 11590 in Long Island. After having expensive Pirelli tires installed I noticed the car was making noise.

I thought it was coming from the tires and took the suv back i was told that i needed new brake disks. The disks were only one year old but i followed their advice and replaced them at a cost over $500. The noise continued so I went back and spoke with manager Buddy Byrne. He was exceedingly nasty.

He knew they got caught ripping me off. He did not want to admit the noise although i pointed out each time the car made the noise. He then cursed at me. It was clear something is wrong with this manager.

This is no way to speak to any customer. I was definitely ripped off with the disks because i then took the car to the dealer and the noise was not the disks. i had to deal with the regional manager Chris who refunded me half the money i paid. i should have argued and got a full refund.

I will never recommend this Mavis Tire shop.

They try to get your money any way they can get even if you don't need it. Don't get your brakes done at Mavis go to a professional/

Review about: Mavis Discount Tire Manager.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Huntington, New York, United States #692655

sir I remember you and your car and your issue we took your car for several test drives and put it on the lift several times on that rainy day,,

you forgot to mention how irate you were when you first stepped into the store---and when you and I took the car for a ride you were in the passenger seat and I drove the truck and I could not even hear the noise cause you were yelling at me as I was driving your car, ( do you remember that?)

( how come it's ok for customers to scream at managers??)

and you were almost in my seat you were so close to me do you remember that? finally when you took your car to the dealer they found an non related noise which ended up being your serpentine belt do you remember that too?

turns out that all you were trying to do is get money back from the company..

mavis wants every customer happy no matter what,, and you know that too,, so if you complain mavis' regional managers will refund you money,, and you know that too !!

thus once again you got over on the company and got back half your money as you have done in the past im sure,, and you know that too !!

so the BIG curse word I said to you as you were almost in my lap while I was driving your truck I quote " could you please shut the *** up while im driving" I don't want to wreck your truck" and you know that too !!

also how did the dealer know the noise was NOT the discs? when you went there, you had 4 brand new discs on the truck!!! how did they know the old discs weren't bad ? the original noise that they never heard in the first place?

and do you remember threating me with your position with your job and how you are going to make sure I am "taken care of" that was just wrong ,, and you know that too !! so (finally) I hope you are content with the way you conducted yourself that day (you being a man with a badge and a gun)

you WON,, you got over on mavis! congrats to you! and by the way--- your job was only 300.00 for 4 new brake disc rotors with labor !!! each rotor was 75.00 and I gave you new pads for N/C OH maybe you forgot to mention that too !

there are 3 sides to every story, yours, mine. and what really happened

in the future maybe you should go to another shop for service and see how bad you get it there ! good luck to you.

Buddy Byrne the man that has something wrong with him!

Mavis Discount Tire

Mavis Discount Tire is committed to delivering the best possible customer service and we apologize for the unsatisfactory experience.  Please allow us the opportunity to help resolve this matter to your satisfaction.  Please email Customer Relations at maviscustomercare@mavistire.com or call Alexa at 914-984-2500 ext 5000.  We look forward to hearing from you.

to Mavis Discount Tire Hicksville, New York, United States #593304

And then ask to speak to the wall. Because that's as far as you will get.

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