Mavis Discount Tire Tire Replacement Reviews

When I took the car to my trusted mechanic, I learned that I only needed one tire and , in fact the tires I had on the car were definitely available. When I came back to get the old tires and return the 2 new ones, the manager was rude, dismissive and denied any wrong doing. I insisted that they take the new ones off, put my tire back on, replace the damaged tire with my spare, and cancel the charge from my credit card. After a few minutes the...
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Where I thought I was getting warranty money in the final invoice of $10 a tire I realized they were just matching the internet price. 800.847.3349 Continental Warranty Help Desk I spoke to a guy there and since my tires had 48 months and a 70k miles warranty where I got 25 months and 30k miles. He told me the most I could get back would be 54% of the replacement price! Next thing you know I'm back at Mavis and explained everything and asked to...
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I liked
  • One stop shop for service and inspections
  • Convenience
  • Same day service even on a sunday
I didn't like
  • Shared bathroom with the mechanics
  • All the upsell nonsense
  • Ill buy the batt but dont tell me it wont pass nys for low volts
Before I could do that I saw I had a slow leek in the front left tire. I brought the car back to the shop that put the 4 tires on and they saw no leek. Okay I checked again air was low on the front left tire 2 weeks later. So I decided to bring the car to the shop in Scarsdale, NY. on Central Ave. They checked the tire and saw I need a new valve. They replaced the tire valve and I noticed the car was shaking even more in the front when...
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I took my van in to get new tires waited for three hours with infant only to have a huge quote in things that needed to be done price way to high then a month later was driving van and lug nuts sheared of tire came of causing front end damage. Mechanic said tires were put on too tight called mavis and now they are giving me the run around and not answering my calls going to sue. .
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The service on 500 Hillside Avenue is no good, after paying my money for a tyre and waiting 24 hours the black guy with the glasses is giving me a hard time to get my tire. After he finally puts it on he hides my wheel lock keys, this is no good..having me to come back for a third time .. Steve Singh.
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