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let me start with all of my wonderful times at mavis discount tire nanuet ny. first i bring them a acura for 2000.00 dollars worth of work which consisted of 4 tires alignment struts all around and 4 new tps monitors in tires.

so first off when i got home one tire was leaking a little air i noticed the lock nut around the tire valve was loose so i fixed it and its fine not a big deal but still sloppy, after doing struts when you turn my wheel to the right there is a horrible noise coming from what sounds like steering rack so right after they did struts and alignment it started that. now my next truck is my dodge i had rear brakes and an alignment done. i had to come back next day due to loud screeching come from rear brakes they fixed and it was fine....came back a few days later cause my steering wheel was not straight so the alignment was done poorly. the previous time i asked the tech working on my truck how my front end looks he said nice in regards to tie rods, shocks, ball joints.

so when i come back a few days later for my alignment so they can correct it as per the 90 days warranty on the work they say i need upper ball joints which dont get me wrong were a little little loose but still just do the f***ing alignment instead they wanna charge me another 400 dollars to do front ball jointseven though they messed up on alignment.

so ok ill get over that stuff so i try again with my hyundai what happens.......bull shi*! this is the car my baby travels in so you would think they see the car seat and do a correct job. i get all 4 tires a power steering flush and alignment. the alignment looks like it wasnt even done at all from when i brought into shop because the steering wheel was off the same exact way!

but of course i got charged for an alignment! so i bring back for alignment i called before i came said im gonna bring over to have realigned they said ok when i drop off they said an hour i say ok ill stick around shopping plaza no big deal.i come back an hour and a half later cause i got dinner with my family the car is still parked the same exact way i parked it! they didnt even start it yet! i went in and after flipping out they finally did the alignment the correct way....and also had to wait another 45 mins for alignment on a *** hyundai.....so difficult to adjust the toe.

and when i bring it back they try to tell me i need struts on a 08 sonata like no miles which lol just had all struts done under warranty from dealer lol. after all this i will never go to mavis again i just did my upper ball joints on my dodge cause it only cost me 106 for moog parts! instead of 400.

they said theres alot of labor for uppers lol took me litterally an hour and 20 mins to do both in my driveway in the hot sun. i will never go back to mavis again i need an alignment now after joints yesterday anyone know a good honest place?

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