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A very reputable professional mechanic who is well known to me inspected my vehicle and told me that in the near future I will need new front brake pads before they get to worn down and damage the rotor. I called Mavis tire in Whiting NJ because I read an ad that said front brake pads were on a special for 89.99 and ten dollars extra for an SUV.

The man on the phone, Kenny, told me I did not need an appointment and to bring my car in. The next morning, today, I got there at 10:00am. I gave my keys to Kenny and told him I would be at Dunkin Donuts next door. At 10:41am Kenny called me to say that I needed new brake pads and rotors on all four wheels.

I told Kenny to just put the front pads on as previously discussed. My exact words were “can we just replace the front pads like I asked for” and he responded “ok”. At 11:35 My daughter and I decided to walk back over and see if the car was almost done. We figured if the wheels had already been removed to inspect all the brakes and rotors, that it should not be taking so long to install the new front brake pads.

To our astonishment the car was parked in the front lot. Who knows how long I would have spent sitting in Dunkin Donuts waiting for the call. We went inside where Michael at the counter had the paperwork with my keys in a plastic pouch. I told Michael my name and looking at the paperwork he said, “oh just a brake check?” I answered, “no, front brake pads” looking rather confused, he responded “let me go get Kenny”.

I looked at my watch it was 11:41am. At 12:00pm I was still standing there steaming. I had spent two hours of my day there and received nothing. My daughter said let’s just take the keys and go as no services were provided.

I took my keys and left. It’s now 6:39pm and I have yet to hear from Kenny. So, I made a few phone calls to other auto repair businesses locally who said they cannot imagine what Mavis could be doing that they promise front brakes for $89.00 because that is not possible with the cost of high quality parts and labor. So I am left to assume that Mavis advertises an $89.00 brake special in order to drawn in a customer and then lie to them to get them to pay for brakes and rotors all the way around and who knows if the work is even done!

This is shameful! I wasn’t taken in only because I knew I didn’t need the rear brakes and rotors but many elderly folks are falling for this scam.

I am astounded when I think of the number of people who have been drawn in and robbed because of this ad for $89.00 brakes. Sent from my iPhone

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I know of one brake job Mavis DIDNT do. And I’m sure the good folks at Goodyear do plenty of brake jobs. Considering that your comment could say nothing to actually refute my experience at Mavis I can assume you also are well aware of their slip shod service and shady dealing.

to Donna Inzerma #1395205

it didn't refute your personal experience. That was terrible if true, but it refutes you calling something a "scam" you can just go on the internet and see what Brakes actually cost to a consumer at "autozone" it's not very much. Now imagine the deal a company like Mavis, Pep boys, ETC get on buying in bulk.


What scam? Mavis tire probably does more brake jobs in 1 day then those "honest" mechanics you called in entire year


what scam? you realize how many Brake jobs mavis does per day? probably more then those mechanics you called in an entire year..

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